1. Create your users comunity

2. Create as many calendars you need to manage

3. Allow your users to join your community or send them an invitation to their email

4. Allow your users to create reservations on it

Search your comunity

Now it will be much easier to find and booking court. Register and check the availability of your comunity courts in real time.

Intuitive calendar

Players can booking any court in its adherents comunities. From a very simple calendar you can see the available hours and book by clicking on the desired time.

Count on Me!

Are you part of a club but can not play due to lack of players? This system allows you to create games or sign up open matches at your club.

My profile

Manage your levels of play to find matches that fit your level.


You never forget you had a booking. In Apoing all users receive a reminder email the day you have the book or play a match.

Manage your comunity

If you have a users comunity or want to manage instalations in your housing complex, apoing will help you. Register and create your own comunity. You can manage your calendars, create schedules, manage users, adapt access to comunity and more. In addition users have the option to participate in matches, this can increase the socialization of your comunity.