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What I can do as a player?

  • Apoing service Make requests to clubs
    For booking a court in a club you should be attached to it. Joining a club is so simple how to find the club in our database and press a button to make the request. Depending on the club configuration you should wait or not confirmation.
  • Apoing service Accept requests
    The clubs can send requests partners to be part of it. As a player you will see the requests and can accept or discard those requests.
  • Apoing service Booking your courts
    Players can book at any court its adherents clubs. From a simple calendar will see available times and booking by clicking on the desired time.
  • Apoing service Cancel Bookings
    Cancel a booking is as simple as making a booking. Clicking on the booking you can remove your reservation.
  • Apoing service See booking history
    All players will see your booking history.
  • Apoing service Reminder reservations via email
    Players will receive a reminder email the day you have a booking.
  • Apoing service Booking from you smartphone
    The web is adapted to mobile with a reduced version to simplify the bookings.

What I can do as a administrator club?

  • Apoing service Create and edit clubs
    An administrator can create as many clubs as you need.
  • Apoing service Configure the club as public, request or invitation
    a) Public: Anyone can join the club and booking in their courts.
    b) By request: Anyone can submit a request to the club but only be part of it if the club accepts the request from the option to "Pending users".
    c) By invitation: They can only join to the club if they receive a request from the club and accept it.

    In either case, the owner of a club can send invitations to users to adhere to the club.
  • Apoing service Request ID
    The club can select which type of identification want to order when a player joins to a club. This information may serve to be detected players and will also be used to booking. This way you can view who owns each booking court calendar. The data that can be obtained is the identity card, membership number or number block - floor - room, the latter is useful for complex neighborhood.
  • Apoing service Create and edit courts
    A club can have unlimited number of courts. You can create as many courts as exist in your club or neighborhood.
  • Apoing service Create and edit schedules for court and configure standby time
    Each court can have separate schedules, besides the administrator can select the length of each booking court. In turn it is possible to disable a court at any given moment, disabling it for bookings.
  • Apoing service Set a maximum number of weekly booking
    You will be able to select a limit for weekly booking in your club, a registered player in your club can not make more bookings that you are allowing until next week.
  • Apoing service Control to prevent multiple open bookings
    If you want you can activate a control so that players do not make bookings if they have open bookings.
  • Apoing service Invite people to a club
    If you are a club manager can send requests to your players club althought they are not users of Just have to report their email. Players will receive an email with the request. They can join to and then join and start booking your courts.
  • Apoing service Manage users in a club
    As board administrator of a club, you can temporarily disable and enable your users, even delete them altogether. A disabled user can not make any bookings on the courts club.
  • Apoing service Send notifications to users club
    As a club board administrator can send notifications to all users of the club.
  • Apoing service Create bookings to organize a tournament
    As a club board administrator can create as many reserves as necessary to organize the tournament.

Who can create a club and be an administrator?

  • Apoing service Any person
    Whoever has a court to manage their members, neighbors or friends can create a club. Create the number of courts you want to manage. All this caracteristics without any charge.